Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Mini album

Hii. In this post, i want to share my first ever mini album. I loved making it. It came out to be such a cute one. I decided not to waste my chipboard stripes and to make a mini album out of it. Here it is,

And for inside, i am sharing a video with you all. 

Thanks for watching this space. :)

Friday, 22 May 2015

A simple scrapbook

Hello people. I am back with my first binded scrapbook. I had to make it in a day due to my friend's urgent need as she was leaving her job and she wanted to capture all her memories in it. To cover as many photos and journaling as she wants, i decided to go for a tags in pages too. Inside is kept very simple. Only distress inks i have used for edges. Here are some inside photos. 

You can see the tags coming out from pages. 

I am sharing 2 of the pages only. Other are similarly simple like this. And now the front. 

I kept it elegant looking on the inside of it. I dint go for spacing between pages in binding as i was not about to use any embellishments inside. 

I hope you like this. Cya soon with a new one. :)

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Star book - mini scrapbook

Hello guys. Its been a bit longer from my last post. So in this post, i would like to show you my new style of card which i tried for the first time and it cAme out as a beautiful one. Here are some photos of it. 

Cover of the card. 

Backside. I have used a lace for bordering a photo. 

Overall it looks like this. Now pages inside:

And here an extra photo which i like:

Hope you liked it. Cya soon with new creations. :)

Friday, 8 May 2015

Wooden clock

Hello. Here i come with a frame which was made on order. The base is made of a plywood. On plywood, there is a shimmer paper sheet. I wanted to make a round clock but if i go for round, then photo sizes were coming to a smaller one so decided to go for frame's shape only. 12 hours represent 12 photos of 12 months of togetherness. Here it is:

Some closeups: 


Thank you for watching this space. :)

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Trishutter Card

Hello folks. Here i have come with a trishutter card. It includes a flip and pull card also in the middle to fulfill the requirements of more photos and journalling. Here is the whole card,

I just love the reflection of this card in the marbles. Thanks to my new phone which i got on getting my chartered accountancy degree. Ok so this is what the whole card looked. Some closeups? Here i go,

Left side of the card is full of photos due to photo holders. I have arranged  the photos in a way so that every photo will have a view though all are in the pocket. As this is a gift from a bf to his gf, all the love stamps i have used. 

This is right side of the card. Almost same as the left side. Only difference is there is a photo behind all the photos. 

Now this is the centre of the card with flip and pull in the middle. Let's have a look on all the flips:

And now the front. Here it is:


I chose flowers and pearls because girl is wearing tiara and i think it looks well. 

So that's all for this post. Hope you like it. :)

Circle flip Card

Hello. This is a card i tried for the first time for my friend's birthday and it came out as a cute one. Here is a front of it. 

Back side: 

And full view: 

It is not at all a new card style but as it was my first, i love it. 😊

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

A huge scrapbook from brother to his sister

A friend asked me to make a huge scrapbook for his sister to cover her memories from childhood to the day she leaves her mayka. Here are some photos of it. 

I have also included trishutter card in it. 

Some of the pages:

Here comes a flip and pull card. 

And behind every photo, there is a stamped image of his love to her sister. It would be bulky if i add all the images as this was a 10 pages scrapbook. 

Coming up with a small card soon. :)


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Name plate

Its a proud moment when you write you dad's name, so as me. I decided to make a name plate of dad's name on the occassion of sister's marriage at our new home. And as i was at a very basic stage, it came out like this. 

It was made in september, 2014 and it still hangs there and it gets appreciated too. 

Coming up with better and new creations soon. 

Wedding invitation card

Hello. Today i am gonna share a card which i made with so much love and patience as this was a special card for brother-in-law's family for inviting them in their son's marriage. ;) it's a ritual actually. This is wholly inspired by, rather i can say have tried to copy the creation of Aola Handmade Cards. I love her creations. So here is the photo. 
The middle image of a couple is hande drawn and cut as it was not affordable to buy a die cutting machine or a die. Those laser cut embellishments are bought from a local stationary. As per the ritual, i have to put the same into a box so here is the box i made. 

Inside of the card is a hand written invitation. 

Thanks you for watching this space. :)