Monday 23 March 2015

Diamond folded card

Hello. Chirali here. A very first blog of mine. Here i am sharing my first ever project. In july, 2014, I made a scrapbook for my friend's sister. It was just for fun. Then i thought to make a one for my brother-in-law and it was my first gift to him. So obviously i was very excited. I decided to make a diamond folded card. Without a tutorial, it was difficult to judge the measurements and make it from photos. But hopefully it came out as a nice card and he loved it too. Here is the front of it. 

And this is the back of it. 
And now the open one. 

Today i have gained a lot in crafting by getting inspired from various crafters. Its just not a hobby. It has become my passion. And will stick over it forever. 😍

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