Monday 10 August 2015

Accordion cards - girly as well as mascular


It's been a long time since i posted last. So this time i have so much to share but it wont be covered in one post. ;) so today i have accordion cards to share. Apparently there is nothing in it but i loved making them and people loved it too and that's why i made more than seven accordions in 3 days along with other cards before friendship day but here i will share only three of them as they are totally different than one another. 

So here is my first one which made it famous ;)

Front side. 

And back side. 

This was a girly one. Now i have made other two which are Mascular Cards. One for a girl who is tom boyish and one for a boy. This was a special request and as it is not at all my style, i had to think a lot and some inspiration was from surfing also. It's not from particular craftar else i would mention. So here is first mascular card which was for a girl who is tom boyish. (I was told not to use flowers or twines or pearls, only butterfly). I made boxes for these two. 

And now the last one which was for a boy:

And here is a combined video of all showing how it goes.

I hope you enjoyed it. 

Thanks for watching this space. 


Chirali. :)

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