Friday 30 September 2016

Acrylic Mini Album


God! It's been almost three months i have written post here. I decide to write it frequently and i fail. :| but now really want to make it regular. 

I have so many projects to share here, some DT posts and some other than those. So here is a completely different kind of mini album, an Acrylic Mini Album. As the name says, the base is made of an acrylic. It was super fun making this one. You will definitely love to try this.

Here it is:

Being my DT post, I am sharing with you all some pictures and a link to the main post. Hop over to check more and a detailed video will be there too. 

For detailed post, click here

Some more clicks : 

And here is detailed video of it:

Just after shooting, I completed this album after sticking photos and I must tell you, it looked much better. A must try. :) 

I hope you enjoyed the whole post.

Chirali. :)

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