Tuesday 10 October 2017

Altered Guitar

Hello people. 

Today I have something to share which is quite different for me, an altered thing. I was asked by mother-in-law that should I throw this guitar shaped wooden piece? I said no and this happened. ;)

Here is the one before alteration:

And what I did with it:

I arranged everything roughly first. Then I started glueing the arrnaged things : some prima and other charms, lace, some waste resin embellishments, some fillers, some textures with glue gun and then gessoed everything in black. After drying it completely, I started adding Prima Antique Brilliance waxes which I was storing since long. 

Mirror charm was glued after detaching mirror from it. 

At last, I highlighted everything (textures and borders of embellished area too) with Prima silver acrylic paint, and added that detached glass to the mirror, some diamond brads which I took out from charms while glueing and two small flowers. 

Here are some closeups: 

I hope you liked it.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Chirali. :)

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