Saturday 4 July 2015

A big birthday cum love album

Hello. Today i am going to share my dream project. I had no idea how I am going to make this. I never tried a binder album before this but I learned a lot while making this. I made many mistakes and rectified it but ultimately it came out more beautifully than i even imagined. Here it is

This was an album of 11 pages (22 in total). Album cover was a chupboard sheet. I made this hanging at home from various left overs my mom gave. 

Closer look:

Actually it was a birthday gift but the demand was to make it a lifetime album so keeping that in mind, i chose to write 'love memories' instead of birthday so it can be used over their lifetime. 

Here is a video of it. It shows how it goes and it has been shot before photos because more than half of the album was to kept blank on demand. 

I hope you liked it. Please leave comment for any suggestions. Thank you. :)

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