Friday 3 July 2015

Accordion cutout card

Hi all. Its been over a month i have blogged as a busy june just passed with full of holidays and shopping. Now back to love and passion. Here i am sharing my one of the most favourite projects till date and its accordion cutout card. It's generally made from dies but I didn't want to buy it and I came across one handmade such card while surfing and tried to make that and it came out a beautiful one. I don't remember where i found it so unable to give credits.

So here it is. 

This card was made on a special request of someone who wanted to wish her favourite boss "happy journey". And sticking to the theme, I decided to make tags just like a road map. 

I have a video showing detailing of the card and how it goes. Here it is:

Going to post my biggest project in next post. Thanks for watching this space. :)

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